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VMPxAaliyah Vinyl available

VMP (Vinyl Me Press) released their exclusive pressing of the Aaliyah Vinyl Record in April for members only. They kept their word of having the vinyl available for non-members to purchase months after. AALIYAH is NOW available as of June 26, 2022 for non-members of VMP. The record is $47, for me after tax/shipping isContinue reading “VMPxAaliyah Vinyl available”

Ernie Paniccioli shares Aaliyah memory

“She was playing with me, she was pretending to be mad. The thing about Aaliyah she was always smiling, always full of energy. And I said let me get that angel, that sweetness. [she poses with her arms crossed] She did this whole thing, she starting throwing her fists at me, that was an act.Continue reading “Ernie Paniccioli shares Aaliyah memory”

Aaliyah Vinyl • Detroit

The Detroit Record Club updated the release date for the Aaliyah Vinyl. Previously slated for May 27, 2022. The date came and went with no release, I reached out to them and they stated “Aaliyah releases are delayed at the pressing plant. We’ll post when they are in.” New release date will be August 5,Continue reading “Aaliyah Vinyl • Detroit”