Aaliyah Crop tee/song

Yesterday, I decided to get out the house and go to American Dream Mall. I walked by Charlotte Russe, and decided to go in because I know they sale Aaliyah tees. Once I went in, to the right was a table of licensed tees. I saw Aaliyah, opened up the shirt to take a photo of it. To my surprise it was a crop top, $10. Great price, imo. No, I didn’t buy it as I’m on a tight budget and I would rather own some Aaliyah tees other than in black.

But, I took a photo of it because I enjoy finding Aaliyah related things outside of home. The next amazing thing happened after I took the photo and folded the shirt back: One in a Million began playing in the store! It was amazing, the music was playing so loud. So due to the song I stayed in the store lip syncing along to Aaliyah. 🤍

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