Aaliyah’s resting place

Last year on July 16, 2021, I went by myself to Hartsdale, NY to visit Aaliyah’s resting place at Ferncliff Cemetery. It was the first time I’d ever gone.

It was surreal but peaceful. It took a bit to find her spot, I remember at one point I thought I was getting near it (because I know she’s more towards a corner on the left side walking down the hall). I got emotional and watery-eyed. But I kept going. It wasn’t the correct crypt, but I just kept walking around till I found it.

As I walk up to it finally, after walking around for a while (in an Aaliyah tee) down the tall halls, I begin to see the gold gates and I just knew…. There she was, along with her father. I remember just hearing the peaceful music that played in the background of the Mausoleum, and that’s it, just silence and the peaceful music. As it should be. I stayed, stared, and looked at every detail around her crypt. I remember just telling her I’m sorry that she is there and that I miss her. It was for her but also for me to help let it sink in and have some type of closure.

Got a little watery-eyed again, but not a full breakdown (which I thought would happen). I took with me one of the stickers from the ColorBars collab, and wrote a message on the back of it (in messy handwriting because of the emotions) I gently and respectfully placed it on the table area against a bucket of flowers (see photos below) I didn’t stay for too long, but long enough to take it all in, sit down, get back up and just let it feel real.

My love for her is so real. I miss her so much. She passed away so young, she passed when I was so young. It’s a pain and a void that can never heal.

Enjoy some of the photos, as I didn’t share much of them last year.

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