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This is a thought I had today… which is basically every day. This is one main reason why I made this website after deleting my Aaliyah Tumblr months ago. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, feelings, & dreams I have of Aaliyah. All these, almost 21yrs after her passing.

My thought: I can’t get over her passing away. I’m always (thinking) like, her, Aaliyah? Why? Her?

She was so freaking amazing & SHE had to die?!

I’ll just never get over it. Almost 21yrs later & I always feel this way. Is this is what it feels like to lose someone? Because, I don’t feel this way about anyone (that I’ve known personally that may have passed, or whether that other deaths of family members haven’t hit me as hard as it should have?) Mainly because I didn’t have a deep closeness with them? Yet, Aaliyah someone I didn’t know personally affects me dearly.

Idk, just want to share… I want to know if others feel as strongly about her as I do. This is the point of being a fan. To share what others may think is a bit crazy or too much.


  1. I agree her passing never will really rested with me because it seems so unjustified. She was an amazing being and for her to have so much promise to really have a ever lasting impact on the world and not be done yet it just hurts so much! Every time august rolls around I’m grateful that she was able to enjoy the release of her most personal album but it def gets me emotional because she was never able to see the amount of people she inspired after her passing! Also the effect her music had on the world and so many other attributes she contributed to the game! I’ve never met her but presence is so strong that it feels like not only is it my duty while I’m on this earth to carry her legacy but to have her back and it’s a crazy feeling to have for someone you never met but that’s love and as you stated being a fan!

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