Today marks 21 years without you. I can’t believe it’s been that long & that you were taken away so young. Aaliyah you are so unique, I was drawn to you’re music and style immediately as a young teen myself way back when. It was amazing to grow up and watch you succeed and grow when you were here. I feel it’s a blessing to have experienced you in real-time, with that came the real pain of losing you and growing without you all of these years later.

You accomplished so much and made such an impact. It makes me even wonder… are you this amazing to be even the example of what it is to live a fulfilling, quality life in such a short time? Should we be so sad that you left us so soon, yet you did so much? More than music, your whole impact of style, acting, sound, and kindness. It really goes to show that your life was short, but definitely lived to the fullest.

I hope you and all that are gone are okay. We that are still physically here long for you, mourn for you, miss you, and celebrate you. I just hope you know that you are missed and appreciated. I really hope you are happy, not sad that you’ve passed away so young and tragically. We’ll carry that sadness for you. You deserve peace and so much more recognition than you deserve. 🤍

Rest Peacefully Aaliyah.

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