I had another dream of Aaliyah in a few days span! I dreamt about her on Sept 10th (that was a WNAR video shoot themed dream), and here we are on Sept 13th with another dream.
The Sept 13th dream was basically the theme of her Robert Whitman photoshoot at the beach. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I learned my lesson from the last dream that I might not remember it all!! So, I got up and in the dark grabbed a pen and wrote (very messy) what I recalled from the dream. And it was:

I remember that I was watching her on TV. Ananda Lewis (the best person I can have in my dream to be the interviewer). Ananda was interviewing someone, while Aaliyah was at the beach in the similar red outfit of the Robert Whitman photoshoot (the red/black DKNY top). She was smiling a lot, her hair long, soft and shiny. She was having fun, towards the end of the dream she was with Kidada in the water playing with a pool noodle, lol.

I think I’ve been having recent dreams with her, because yesterday I thought to myself that I kept checking my Aaliyah IG for no particular reason and I shouldn’t be on it so much. Because I feel this extra missing her feeling last week, as she is so beautiful (from following other Aaliyah accounts on IG & seeing their posts of her). But having this second dream of her it pretty comforting like hey, I miss her for sure but the fact the dreams have been so happy and good it’s a great thing!

The photo below are references of the dream: the photoshoot, people in the dream, my sleepy quick notes.

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