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Aaliyah Dana Haughton born January 16, 1979, passed away on August 25, 2001. Born in Brooklyn, NY raised in Detroit, MI. Aaliyah achieved so much at such a young age with her first album "Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number" released in 1994 at the age of 14. Her sophomore album "One in a Million" released in 1996. In 1998 Aaliyah released the mass hit "Are You That Somebody?" for the Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack. In 2000 Aaliyah released "Try Again" another hit record as she was then known for being the Soundtrack Queen. She took a break after the "One in a Million" album but kept her presence through these soundtracks. As well as starting in her first film "Romeo Must Die". Other film credits are her role as Akasha in Queen of the Damned, released posthumously in 2002.  ​In 2001 Aaliyah released what would be her final and most acclaimed album, "Aaliyah". The rest is history. May you rest in peace, Aaliyah. Your humility, talent, music are missed. We will help carry your legacy forever.

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VMPxAaliyah Vinyl available

VMP (Vinyl Me Press) released their exclusive pressing of the Aaliyah Vinyl Record in April for members only. They kept their word of having the vinyl available for non-members to purchase months after.

AALIYAH is NOW available as of June 26, 2022 for non-members of VMP. The record is $47, for me after tax/shipping is was $56. I suggest purchasing this as soon as you can, if you can.

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Aaliyah Crop tee/song

Yesterday, I decided to get out the house and go to American Dream Mall. I walked by Charlotte Russe, and decided to go in because I know they sale Aaliyah tees. Once I went in, to the right was a table of licensed tees. I saw Aaliyah, opened up the shirt to take a photo of it. To my surprise it was a crop top, $10. Great price, imo. No, I didn’t buy it as I’m on a tight budget and I would rather own some Aaliyah tees other than in black.

But, I took a photo of it because I enjoy finding Aaliyah related things outside of home. The next amazing thing happened after I took the photo and folded the shirt back: One in a Million began playing in the store! It was amazing, the music was playing so loud. So due to the song I stayed in the store lip syncing along to Aaliyah. 🤍

Ernie Paniccioli shares Aaliyah memory

“She was playing with me, she was pretending to be mad. The thing about Aaliyah she was always smiling, always full of energy. And I said let me get that angel, that sweetness. [she poses with her arms crossed] She did this whole thing, she starting throwing her fists at me, that was an act. I have the rest of the pictures, and when you look at them you laugh.
It was her 16th birthday, at the Apollo Theatre.”
– shares photographer Ernie Paniccioli

6/10/22 at the Grammy Museum – Black Music Month – Prudential Center – A Hip Hop Life: Ernie Paniccioli Exhibit – Tickets: here


Welcome to the new blog for The Best Aaliyah! I recently removed my blog from Tumblr, and now I’m on Word Press. You may see some work that may need to be done, I’d still like to add more content to the side navigations, but I just want to open up to stay on top of any Aaliyah news.

This blog will serve for the latest news on Aaliyah and sprinkle in new images when they arise. Enjoy!