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About the Owner

Name: Veronica
Location: NJ
Hobbies: Being an Aaliyah fan, bike rides, some web design things.
Random: Left-handed, some talent in pencil drawing, Photoshop, some HTML knowledge. Owns 2 lizards. Loves plants. Decent cook. Melancholic, realistic, pessimistic, introverted, neat freak, love planners & notebooks. Chips are my weakness. Mountain Dew is life.

I’m not good with these about me things, so here we go.

As you can tell I’m a big fan of Aaliyah, I have been a fan since the One in A Million Era. I was always intrigued by her tomboy style with a girly flair. Think of the iconic belly jewelry with her baggy pants in the One in a Million video. Her music was/is so different from her visuals, etc. That’s how I became a fan. I was in High School when she passed away, she has been a muse for me artistically ever since. As a fan of her and someone who enjoys graphic/web design, I always had websites, groups, etc of her. Now in this social media area, I have an Instagram page dedicated to her: TheBest.Aaliyah
Hope you enjoy the website.


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