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Beyoncé mentions Aaliyah

Beyoncé’s new song “Break my Soul” (the Queens Remix), mentions Aaliyah not once, but twice in remix ft. Madonna!

Aaliyah is immediately mentioned right after Madonna on verse 3:

“Love thy hater, woo (Vogue)
Queen mother Madonna, Aaliyah (Strike a pose, vogue)”

and again in the same verse:

Michelle, Chlöe, Halle, Aaliyah (La-la-la-la-la-la, Mother of the house)

I just think it’s wonderful, a lot of us fans are thrilled about this! People always try to compare and/or pin Beyonce against Aaliyah, but they were friends and have totally different styles. So the fact Beyoncé did this shows that respect for Aaliyah. ♡

What do you think!?